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This game was in development for almost six years. MLC's game of the year is one he'd been waiting for for as long as it was in development. With a garage of 1031 cars and a huge number of different tracks, it's hard to think of a better racer. Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of the game, even announced that it wasn't good enough in his vision and stated that the PlayStation 3 system doesn't have the technological advancements to exceed his expectations. Nonetheless, it's a cracker and bagged a 96% score in MLC's review. It's good to know then, that the next game is already in development! Lovely!

"One more graceful driving simulator by Polyphony Digital and one that merks the competition."

The winner is...


Polyphony Digital are masterclass and leave all other racing game developers in the shade. And GT5 is their finest piece of work yet.