This is it. Gameopedia Wiki's game of the year. This is how it all works. Over the year, we take note of all the games that we have reviewed and compress them into a neat Reviews Round-Up section. We do this numerous times a year, so we can be more precise as to when exactly we reviewed a certain game. Then, at the end of it all, we look back to see which game scored the highest and this game then grabs the award. If there are two games tied at the top, we take a long hard look to see which one truly deserves the award. This year, there were two games at the top and it was Rockstar Games either way. This Wild Western epic sees the life of outlaw John Marston, out for revenge for the capture of his wife and daughter. It took us by storm, considering the reception of the slightly under-rated sequel, which saw the light of day five years ago. Congratulations to the winner and who knows? Rockstar Games could be at it again next year, winning awards with their upcoming games. Only time will tell..

The winner is...


A double award-winner brings this year's Awards to a close. Congrats to Rockstar Games and their fab production, along with all the other games that won an award, or came close. MGA 2010, be closed!