Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice for All
Phoenix Wright 2 Box




Visual Novel, Point & Click


Ace Attorney

Number of Players



Nintendo GBA, Nintendo DS, Nintendo WiiWare, Microsoft Windows

Gameopedia Rating

WB952: 88%

MLC: n/a

European Release Date

DS: Mar 16 2007

WiiWare: Feb 19 2010

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All is the second game in the Ace Attorney Series.


The game follows the blue suited defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, take on four more cases.


The game, like the others in the series, is mainly played by navigating menus. During the investigation phase, you can move, examine, present or talk to find evidence and information to use in court. In the court, when a witness is called, you must either press them to find more information or present evidence that contradicts the testimony. A new addition to the gameplay is the introduction of the Psyche-Lock, which allows Wright to see when a witness is holding in a secret and then present evidence to open the locks and reveal the secret. Another minor change is that it is possible to present characters profiles as well as evidence, giving more possibilities to the player.


Phoenix Wright: The games protagonist. The growing defense attorney who will defend his client to the end.

Maya Fey: Phoenix's friend, assistant and spirit medium in training. Helps him during trials by channeling his mentor.

Franziska von Karma: The main prosecutor in the game. A young prodigy that will do anything for a perfect win record.

Pearl Fey: Maya's cousin and ace spirit medium in training. Often helps Phoenix by channeling his mentor in Mya's absense.

Miles Edgeworth: Phoenix's friend and the prosecutor in the last case. Left a supposed suicide not at the end of the first game.

Mia Fey: Phoenix's deceased mentor and Maya's sister. Often helps Phoenix through Maya or Pearl.

Lotta Hart: Phoenix's friend and a witness in the second and forth cases. A freelance photographer.

International ReleaseEdit

The following contains the game's international release dates:

Japan: GBA: October 22 2002, PC: Mar 31 2006, DS: Oct 26 2006, WiiWare: Jan 26 2010

N America: DS: Jan 16 2007, WiiWare: Feb 15 2010

Australasia: DS: Sep 6 2007, WiiWare: TBC


Gamespot: 7.7/10.