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We at MaRacey need to somehow judge our qualified reviewers and follow their progress. That's why, once a year, Review Co-ordinator, Me Love Cars, examines the reviews of Waterbolt952, Burnthezombie!, Mr t the man and anybody else who joins the MaRacey Corporation and Gameopedia.

The examination is crossed over however many days MLC sees fit, but would never run over the course of a week, unless it is delayed. If a member of the group does not succeed at the majority of the tests, they will be put under a certain level of scrutiny, one level higher than whatever they were at originally. When a member has reached Level 4 in scrutiny, they are removed and blocked from the site until further notice comes to them. If they do get the oppurtunity to restart, they will re-do the review test, but the review test will be, this time, more challenging.

If they do not succeed that, then they will not be given another chance for a month. This is our strict rule and should not be abused.

When is this examination?

The Examination will start August 31st and may carry on into September.

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