The MaRacey Gaming Awards are held every year on Gameopedia. We award different ones to our favourite games that we'd reviewed in that year. We like to call it MGA.


These are the categories that appear each year:

Gameopedia Game of the Year

MLC's Game of the Year

BTZ's Game of the Year

WB952's Game of the Year

GR's Game of the Year

Best Action/Adventure

Best RPG

Best Racing Game

Best Shooter

Best Horror

Best Fighting Game

Best Open World Game

Best Internet Game

Best Visual Novel

Best Platform Game

Best Real-Time Strategy

Best Massively Multiplayer Online Game

The Public's Game of the Year

How does it all work?

It's simple. All categories except the last on the list are chosen by every employee at MaRacey. The bottom category is chosen by you, the public. There will be polls up which will have links on the MaRacey Wiki. Each link will lead to a different voting page. Each page contains a voting poll for one specific game, i.e. each game that is nominated will have it's own poll page, these pages will only be unprotected for administrators. Each voter must leave a message on one of the administrator's talk pages (that's Me Love Cars or Waterbolt952) stating their username and which game they are voting for. When the voting closes, the MaRacey Corporation will announce the public's overall favourite. NOTE: These voting polls will close a week before the winner is announced. This voting method is only confirmed for the MGA 2010 and may not work the same next year.