The MaRacey Calendar.

March 2011

  • The MaRacey Corporation Q1-Q2 2011 Reviews Examinations are underway today! (Saturday 26th March 2011). All participants would have since been e-mailed about the tests. If you are a member of The MaRacey Corporation and haven't been e-mailed, worrying you might be taking part, contact Me Love Cars via your MaRacey Corporation E-Mail Account, just to check when you'll be having your test. You have until Saturday 9th April 2011 to get them in to MLC and WB952.

April 2011

  • WB952 distributes the first biannual article exams. NOTE: Pending two new review tests that may be occuring at this time; if this is so, exams may be postponed.

May 2011

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